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Dar Circus Show to Promote Culture

Performing arts enthusiasts in Dar es Salaam on Thursday welcomed what is billed to be a memorable show dubbed Tigo Mama Africa Circus.

Tigo Mama Africa Circus show’s artists perform contortion during the event’s opening day at the New World Cinema in Dar es Salaam on Thursday.

Mancom Centre, located inside the New World Cinema venue at Mwenge in the city, hosted the opening day and will be the home to what is bound to be a series of captivating performances that will bring to the fore an array of talents that Tanzania has in performing arts.And promotion of Tanzanian culture will be the main theme in the event, which is expected to stretch right up to early in November, this year and the aspect is what the show’s organizing firm, Mancom Entertainment, already had in mind when it set out to host the event.

It will be the first big performance to have taken place in the city in recent years and a lot is expected from the artists that will take the stage and play their part in the promotion of domestic culture.“This show will be staged by Tanzanian artists per se. There will be absolutely no one from outside the country that will take the stage in the show and this means we are keen on promoting our culture,” said Mancom Entertainment Managing Director, Constantine Magavilla, during the official launch of the event mid this week.

Mobile phone service providing firm, Tigo, sponsors the event in a bid to play part in the promotion of Tanzanian culture. The company’s Public Relations Officer, Alice Maro, has already expressed pride in the firm’s involvement in the event and hopes the show will play crucial part in encouraging Tanzanians to value their culture.

“The fact that only Tanzanian performers will rule the stage definitely projects our desire to prove that our country has abundant talents in this field. It will be the opportunity to prove that this is what we have and we are proud of it,” insisted Magavilla.Tigo Mama Africa Circus, in this case, turns out to be one of the most effective ways to promote the country’s culture through a variety of captivating acts that will be staged by the artists.

A total of 24 acts will be performed in the Tigo Mama Africa Circus show, with all aiming at celebrating what is so far the best that Tanzanian can offer in performing arts.The last Thursday’s opening show mainly featured balancing acts, in which energetic young men showcased fantastic displays marked by a stunning ability to balance themselves delicately on several chairs and stools positioned at a frightening height. 

Contortion is among the performances that were in view in the opening day of the show and the art, by and large, stands to attract plenty of attention from the revelers for the rest of this month based on its nature.Contortion, as a matter of fact, is an art in which the performer showcases his ability to twist his body into various extraordinary shapes.

The art might seem new to the majority of the domestic performing arts’ enthusiasts presently but it is something that has been there for sometime, only to witness its popularity rise in the past few years.Fans of Tanzania’s renowned music genre popularly known as ‘Bongo Flava’ might have a better memory of contortion through a video of a song titled ‘Kikulacho,’ produced by musician, Lukas Nice Mkenda ‘Mr Nice,’ whose popularity reigned supreme particularly in the early 2000s.

In various parts of the Kikulacho video, there is a contortionist, Athuman Ford, well known by the nickname, Wabogojo, performing various exciting contortion acts in line with the music’s rhythm.Wabogojo’s performances, certainly, added quality to the video and made it one of the most popular in music programmes of various domestic Television stations, apart from winning Mr Nice more fame and fortunes.

Contortion has now won the hearts of many domestic youths and a section of them have lately been performing at either entertainment spots or promotional campaigns for products from various companies.Contortion fanatics, for that matter, will be among the revelers that stand to enjoy a lot in the Tigo Mama Africa Circus throughout the month, based on the uniqueness of the performances that the event’s artists will showcase.

According to Magavilla, the Mama Africa Circus artists have been touring various parts of the world and performing a series of exciting shows and his firm feels it is time Tanzanians were treated to the same performances by their very own artists, who have so far proved to be a big success elsewhere.

He noted that the group had recently toured Egypt for a series of shows and some of the group’s artists will travel to France at the end of this year to perform several shows and for that matter, Tanzanian culture surely stands to continue basking in the limelight.Magavilla was optimistic that his firm’s decision to put the show’s tickets at a reasonable price will entice more fans to attend the event and be part of the memorable month that will be celebrating Tanzanian culture.

“We are very excited about this event and we hope that the fans’ positive experience will draw us to more people who will attend the show and enjoy themselves,” he said.Winning recognition among domestic performing arts’ followers and gaining substantially from the Tigo Mama Africa Circus’ talents now remain the biggest challenge that Mancom Entertainment encounters.

Mama Africa Circus, as it has been revealed, has already produced about 150 artists and dancers from Tanzania and other African countries and has already staged over 1,200 shows across the world.This means there is plenty of fortune to be earned by Tanzanian circus artists from the profession, should this form of entertainment develop into a more respected profession at the domestic level.

In a recent interview conducted by one of domestic television stations, a Dar es Salaam-based domestic contortionist revealed that contortion is a highly paying profession in developed countries based on his assessment of the shows he has performed in Europe and elsewhere.The artist, though, sounded negative when assessing the success of the art in Tanzania and that means a lot needs to be done by the domestic performing arts’ stakeholders with a view to raising the profile of the profession and ultimately turn it into a rewarding job.

And while the Mama Africa Circus strives to make its presence felt at the domestic level, it is hoped that the group’s artists will, otherwise, continue playing greater role in promotion of Tanzanian culture in countries where the artists are much more popular

Source: Written by JAPHETH KAZENGA

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